Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

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  I wanted to show much dise people do not their duty
 I hope I can soon dream with you
 immer noch mindestens 100 prozent
Sehnsucht nach der Prosit
P.S. NOW is a good time ... realety time (Y) and tink abaut to think about tomorrow's social
 Bericht ... erster entwuf .... gewaltsam gestört §§§ .... wollen vordrängeln !!! .... ist weltuntergan ???

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

ORL Clinic, by Mal-Vi Architects

#info Given the fact that the client was a newly arrived surgeon in
Thessaloniki (Greece), we were handed the task of creating a
memorable office space, providing an experience as distant as
possible from the usual image one associates with a visit to a
doctor's studio.

In order to separate the medic's office and exam room from the
reception space and waiting room, a flexible partition was
designed. The partition incorporates the reception desk,
as well as the exam room entrance, while its bulging
shape—deriving from the form of an acoustic wave,
is a reference to the practitioner's field of specialty.

The wooden sculptural surfaces were created using medium-density
fiberboards (MDF) left purposefully untreated so as to reinforce the
value of the simplicity of the materials used in contrast with their
complicated form. The main waiting room's walls are covered with
the Hippocratic oath, with some of its most important words standing
out in laser-cut acrylic glass.

photography by George Papadopoulos